Welcome to paradise

Welcome to paradise.
I have carefully chosen for you a splendid villa of Iberian style with sea view.
From the outdoor you will be able to enjoy a garden of 3000m2 entirely planted with trees.

Additionally, the house has numerous terraces, shaded or not, an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue, a jacuzzi etc…

At 6 minutes walking distance from the house there is probably one of the most beautiful beaches of the island with transparent water always between 25 and 30 °…


Indoor, the house has 400 m2 of living space with 5 bedrooms all equipped with air conditioning and 4 bathrooms. As well, the villa has a detached house with a dressing room and bathroom.


Inside the house you benefit from a free and unlimited wifi access.
Regarding food, you will have the chance to eat delicious meals made by the chef Sarah.

You will enjoy a feast of flavours with exo-Asian influences with the fish of the day.


If you like fish in all its forms, you will enjoy it. But be careful: it’s up to you to catch it!


Sodas and mineral water are included in the price of the stay.
For more muscular alcohols (rum, whisky, vodka etc), as well as wine, a participation will be requested.
To move around the island, we have a Pick Up. But you can also walk around the island in the afternoon and enjoy the sumptuous scenery.
The archipelago of Las Perlas
Located on the Pacific part of the Panamanian coast, the archipelago of las Perlas has nearly 170 islands and islets of which only 5 are inhabited.

Concurrently, the fish’s opportunities around the archipelago are very high. Unlike France in the Summer on-water frequentation is relatively calm.
For those who know more of the Carantec type with the sun as an option.

A tidal range of around 4 to 6 meters generates a strong current thus to the presence of massive marine predators.
All year round the water temperature varies between 24 and 30°: it’s a dream between two popper sessions to cool down in this turquoise blue sea…while the cool drinks are waiting for us in the boat’s cooler.


The climate is hot between 25 and 35° with a dry period from December to May and a wet period from June to November. This being a good tropical shower is never to be excluded even in dry period, it refreshes the atmosphere and does not stain in any way the fishing, on the contrary…
Located outside the cyclone zones, this region of the Pacific enjoys a very mild weather which is in sharp contrast to our Breton conditions…
To sum up, no cancellations to be expected due to weather problems.


My organization is located on the island of Contadora, the most developed island with 250 inhabitants living there all year round, a small airfield with a maximum of 12 seats, two hotels, 5 bars, a good quality medical dispensary and probably the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago.
For those who are keen on diving, a Paddy centre with a quality supervision is open all year round. Guillermo, the manager, will be able to help you discover the sea bed of the highest order with a very rich fauna but an underwater flora which is not up to the level of the Maldives.

This location is ideal because the nearest fishing spots are less than 10 minutes away from our starting point.
In other words, it is a small paradise for lovers of fishing, diving, nature and idleness.