New ! Discover Panama – Las Perlas Islands 2022

Popping & Stickbait Fishing

Welcome to Panama

For 8 years every winter, I have been in Central America in search of THE SPOT of fishing which will allow us, when the cold comes in France, to share an outstanding tropical fishing. Back in time I have been travelling all over Central America in countries such as the Costa Rica, the Nicaragua, the Colombia and the Panama to discover the most fruitful fishing spots.

After many, travels, and fishing experiences all over central America I finally found the perfect fishing spot in Panama on the paradisiacal Island Contadora located in the archipelago of Las Perlas. It is there, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, some 70 km off the coast of Panama City, that I will from now on put my suitcases down, every year between October 1st and the end of July, with the ambition to welcome you in this magical place: the island of CONTADORA.

Exceptional accommodation, three brand new boats, a 15.00m mothership and an ULTIMATE FISHING partnership to match the project.

French guides as motivated as ever.

Everything is in place to make you live a dream fishing trip.

In the following pages I will leave you to discover the details of my organization.

Good fishing,